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Hoist load testing is yet another valuable service of Illinois Crane. Load tests on all hoists are conducted in Illinois Crane’s service facility. Customers can simply ship the hoist to be tested to Illinois Crane. A replacement hoist can be provided by Illinois Crane, if requested, thereby minimizing downtime. After being received, IC technicians anchor the hoist to a test frame in preparation of a hydraulic stress test to check performance. All hoists are tested to 125% of capacity to meet load specification requirements before being put into service. This thorough inspection pinpoints potential weak components in the hoist that could cause catastrophic failure– then, repair recommendations are made to the customer and completed by Illinois Crane’s Service & Repair Department, if necessary. The end result... a hoist that is safe and in compliance with government regulations! Keep your plant hazard-free and running smoothly by contacting Illinois Crane about this important diagnostic service.