Illinois Crane... it's in the name! Illinois Crane offers a wide range of industrial cranes in a number of design styles. From agile, light-duty models to mammoth heavy-duty monsters, Illinois Crane distributes and installs equipment designed to withstand the extreme demands of continuous factory productivity. Plus, these cranes are available in many different design configurations and specific duty applications!

With Illinois Crane brands you are assured of quality construction, reliability, ease of operation and long, long service life. Whether you are looking for Double Box Girder, Single and Double Girder Top Running Cranes, Single and Double Girder Underhung Cranes or Ergonomic Workstation Cranes, you can be certain that Illinois Crane can provide you with the right equipment, design expertise and professional installation that will make your operation consistently productive.

Ongoing product support also puts your mind at ease, knowing that Illinois Crane can provide practical advice on how to get the most out of your equipment and on-the-spot service, if the need arises.

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